Blazing Stars and Tiger Swallowtail

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The tall, purple spikes of Blazing Stars (Liatris) are now the brightest spot in the backyard and we’ve been enjoying them immensely.

We aren’t the only ones who like these flowers. Various bees and other small insects are frequent visitors, as well as a hummingbird.

We’ve also been watching several Tiger Swallowtail butterflies as they float gracefully from one spike to another.

Little did I know that a few plants in this sunny, somewhat dry area would multiply to create such a vigorous grouping.  However, I’m happy with the outcome!

7 thoughts on “Blazing Stars and Tiger Swallowtail”

  1. Oh Betty – what stunning photos of two stunning subjects!
    The Liatris is a beautiful plant, and i can remember my dad planting some in our Herbaceous Border at Le Canne …. and the Tiger Swallowtail butterfly is just gorgeous! We don’t see them in Jersey, but as you already know we are visited by the British or European Swallowtail on occasion – unfortunately none seen so far this year , in fact it has been a very bad year for butterflies, the weather being a lot to do with that. But it had gladdened my heart to view your lovely photos , God bless you!

    1. Interesting that you remember your dad planting Liatris. Sorry to hear you aren’t seeing many butterflies. Hope you are finding other subjects to photograph.

  2. Oh!! How I wish my blazing star would grow to look like your!!! We are fighting bermuda grass in our backyard where we are trying to have year three of our monarch way station. So far this year I only have two monarch caterpillars that have formed chrysalises . I am concerned that I don’t see adult monarchs flying around. Is it still early for them to be in Harrodsburg, Kentucky???

    1. Doug, I found my first monarch caterpillar this morning! I’m thinking we will likely see more in the coming days and weeks.

  3. Wow Betty. I think that’s your most beautiful blazingstar photo to date. Maybe the most beautiful one ever in the world! I’ll sell a lot more blazing stars this year if you let me use that photo! Thank you for sharing the beauty of your yard and yourself.

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