Backyard whimsy

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“Don’t take life too seriously cause it ain’t nohow permanent” is a quote I like from the cartoon possum, Pogo. Creating a few light touches in the backyard helps me guard against being too serious, Three flamingos mysteriously appeared several years ago and I’ve grown rather fond of them. By now they’ve lost their legs but they’ve settled in nicely next to the pot of New Guinea Impatiens in the old wheelbarrow.

Pink plastic flamingos in wheelbarrow with flowers

We’ve also managed to accumulate several “critters,” thanks to friends. Toad sits by the pool and says “Ribbit, ribbit” when I walk by or a bird flies in front of him. Lizard, Red Dinosaur, Green Dinosaur, T. Rex, and the two gnomes all tend to “wander” a bit, and the neighbor kids have fun finding them.

some of our whimsical backyard critters

My creative friend Amanda came up with the idea of putting marbles between the fence pickets. They catch the light, add bits of color and sometimes catch reflections like miniature bubbles.

colored marbles between fence pickets add color to our backyard

I enjoy the bits of humor, and they seem to add interest for visitors of all ages. What bits of whimsy do you have in your yard?

10 thoughts on “Backyard whimsy”

  1. It took me awhile to figure the marbles out as I was seeing them as attached to gold bars against a tree rather than between the fence posts (it doesn’t help that my monitor is acting up and is quite flickery but still…). I love the marbles and intend to try it myself! The hidden guests of your garden and yard are so fun. I have some led butterflies and globes placed around that change 5 different colors at night. I love watching them while adjusting my attitude in the evening!

  2. Your friend Amanda is brilliant! Wish I had some fence posts to put marbles in between. Your composite photograph really shows them off so beautifully too. Inside each marble there looks to be a miniature magical world. Thanks to you and Amanda for bringing more backyard-beauty to us all!

  3. Love people who can be so creative! Being rather pedantic myself, I ask “How did you attach the marbles to the wood?”

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