Artist statement

water drops on Passiflora incarnata
raindrops on passion flower vine

My digital photography is influenced  by a lifelong love of nature and an awareness everyday beauty  which began when I was growing up on a small farm in the Missouri Ozarks. As far back as I can remember, I have felt a strong connection to countryside, woods, and streams.  My subjects, while not limited to the out-of-doors, are often found in my backyard, nearby gardens, woods, or the countryside near Lexington, Kentucky.

I especially enjoy doing close-ups of nature. As I get physically closer to my subject, I often see details I had not previously noticed, such as the intricate veins of a leaf, mushroom gills, or the artful shape of a seed pod. These details often reveal unexpected designs, textures, or colors, resulting in a sense of mystery and awe.

I also photograph soap bubbles. The unpredictable combination of colors and reflections is amazing to watch and a challenge to capture.  Images sometimes reflect the surroundings. Other times, they are quite abstract. Scenes within the bubbles constantly change. I capture only a fraction of what I see.

Whatever my subject, my intent is to capture images that portray how extraordinary the ordinary can be and to share the sense of wonder that I feel.

My photographs are the basis for my note cards, which are sold both wholesale and retail. I invite inquiries regarding the use of my images for publication or as prints.