Amazing Ruby-throated Hummingbirds

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During a recent visit to Natural Bridge State Park, Harry and I thoroughly enjoyed watching Ruby-throated hummingbirds (Archilochus colubris) as they darted in and out, stopping briefly to drink at feeders. It was like watching a continuous aerial ballet.

Ruby-throated humingbirds

Here’s a few fun facts –

  • Hummingbirds are the tiniest birds in the world.
  • They are the only birds that can fly both forward and backward; they can also hover in mid-air, fly sideways and upside down.
  • They pollinate plants by getting pollen on their head and neck while gathering nectar from blossoms.
  • Most Ruby-throated hummingbirds fly 500 miles nonstop across the Gulf of Mexico during their spring and fall migrations.

We don’t have a feeder in the yard, however we regularly see one or more hummingbirds nectaring on various blossoms, especially red ones. These birds are indeed amazing, and I’m always thrilled to see them.

7 thoughts on “Amazing Ruby-throated Hummingbirds”

  1. Hummingbirds can also aggressive to other hummingbirds, and can try to keep competitors away. I think they have a “dog in the manger” mentality.

    1. I agree David, they can be quite territorial, though I’ve read that is primarily the males! I suspect the ones we were seeing were juveniles who were much more interested in feeding than fighting.

  2. Normally I NEVER see hummingbirds in my yard; this year I’ve seen three so far! Plus I’ve seen more butterflies than last year, mostly swallowtails and tiger tails, but only a couple of monarchs.

    1. Kathy, glad you are seeing hummingbirds and butterflies. I, too, have seen more butterflies than last year. Have seen three monarchs, raised a couple, and currently have two caterpillars. I expect (and hope) we will see more monarchs in the coming weeks.

  3. Oh Betty, what a lovely photograph of these delightful little birdies!
    They are truly amazing creatures, and i wonder how many years they can live for?
    I can understand that they could be territorial, but so are many, many other garden birds, wow, the Goldfinches
    and Greenfinches who come to our bird feeders are REALLY cheeky, and can be quite aggressive toward each other!
    Such is birdlife!

  4. Hello Betty!! I hope you are doing well . I am behind on my emails. I am always so excited when I see I have email from Betty Hall Photography! I Am in when I see your beautiful photography . I love your caterpillars and hummingbirds. I love nature and all the beautiful gifts GOD had given us. Thank you so much fog sharing . I have smiled. Smiles to you.

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