A welcome rain

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The ground had become quite dry, and four inches of rain last week were most welcome. The backyard is quite different after a rain, and I like to check it out when everything is still wet. I especially enjoy water drops and the designs they create.

water drops

The water had a very different appearance on the tendrils of the Passionflower vine (Passiflora incarnata).


Here is yet an entirely different arrangement on the same plant – a temporary work of art!

Passion Vine and water drops

These water drops added a magical touch to the backyard. They also reminded me how much I appreciate a good rain after a long dry spell.

10 thoughts on “A welcome rain”

  1. Exquisite pics Betty. I shall be looking at my own garden after a rain with quite a different view. There are worlds within worlds when one gets closer!

  2. Hi Betty,

    I tried to post a simple comment of ‘Beautiful!!!’ but it wouldn’t let me – said it was ‘a bit too short’. So anyway, your pictures are….


  3. Hi Betty,

    I just found your blog in an image search for monarch butterflies. My daughters and I have had about 15 caterpillars, 2 of which have emerged, and the other 13 of which are in their chrysalises in our aquarium.

    I love your photos. I’ve become especially aware of the backyard beauties that surround me here in New York this summer, and I’ll be back to enjoy the sights here as well.

    (I went to college near Lexington and stayed for 6 or 7 years after that — Kentucky has a special place in my heart.)

    1. Glad to hear from you, Janet. Fifteen caterpillars puts you in the “seriously addicted” category. ☺Always glad to hear of others who appreciate encourage, and raise Monarchs. And glad to know of your connection to Lexington and Kentucky

  4. Looking at your photos I can feel the forces involved to keep each droplet in its luscious, round form and how, sometime soon, gravity will win and the droplet will…drop!

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