A tale of two tupelos

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The trees in the backyard are showing a wide variety of colors. And our tupelo (blackgum) tree (Nyssa sylvatica) is once again a brilliant red and especially striking.

Tupelo tree in Octoober We planted this tree ten years ago and have enjoyed it immensely. I wish tupelos were better known and used more often for landscaping.

In addition to beautiful fall foliage, it has spring flowers that provide nectar for bees and other pollinators; glossy green leaves in summer; small bluish fruits that are enjoyed by our birds and squirrels; and attractive deep-furrowed bark. All in all I consider it a great 4-season tree.

When we removed the large pin oak in our front yard last fall due to leaf scorch, we replaced it with another tupelo. Even though it’s small, its leaves are already adding color to the front yard.Small tupelo tree in OctoberThe large tupelo in our backyard is seldom seen by others. I look forward to watching the new tree grow and since it’s near the street, perhaps it will encourage others to plant a tupelo.

8 thoughts on “A tale of two tupelos”

  1. I have two blackgum seedlings that I put in two years ago. They are still small but looking forward to when they are as pretty as yours!

  2. Hello Betty …. What a wonderful tree you have in your backyard! The Tupelo certainly seems to be a real asset to any
    garden. I wonder if we can grow them in Jersey? I shall look into it. And your younger one in the front yard is so attractive.
    The leaves are a striking colour, and next to the taller tree on the right of your photo it really looks stunning.
    Looking forward to viewing more of your beautiful Fall colours.

  3. Hello Betty,
    I tried getting the Tupelo Gum to grow in our yard a few years ago and failed. After seeing your photos, I’m going to give it another try. The color is truly luscious. Thanks for sharing, Karen

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