Another reason to be thankful

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Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, and this year I have an additional reason to be thankful.  In April of this year, Kentucky had 35 certified Monarch Waystations. We now have 95. That’s nearly triple – an impressive increase! This change is largely due to the work of the Lexington Chapter of Wild Ones and The Garden Club of Kentucky.

The count includes private gardens as well as Waystations that have been created at schools, churches and other public places. This is the Waystation at Shaker Village.

Monarch Waystation at Shaker Village KY
Monarch Waystation at Shaker Village Kentucky

Susan Jonas, a member of the Danville Garden Club has written an excellent article on Monarch Waystations for The Advocate Messenger. I think it’s a great summary, and I recently added a revised version of Susan’s article on my website.

Monarchs continue to need our help, and it’s not too early to think about garden plans for next spring. I hope you will consider creating a Waystation. If you already have one, thank you. I encourage you to share your garden with others and encourage them to follow your lead.

I’m thankful that Kentucky is working to help Monarchs, and I hope to be able to report even more Waystations next year.

5 thoughts on “Another reason to be thankful”

  1. May I add that this change is also partly due to Betty Hall who has been working so hard to spread the word! Thank you Betty for making all of us more aware of how important a Butterfly garden is.

  2. Your efforts have made such a big difference, Betty. Your power point presentation, full of your beautiful photographs, inspired so many to add milkweed for the monarchs. And plants for the other pollinators, too. Thank you so much! And now, everybody, let’s keep going and remind our friends that milkweed is essential if we want monarchs!

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