A caterpillar with red shoes?

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Yes, a white fluffy caterpillar with bright-red shoes! This Spotted Apatelodes (Apatelodes torrefacta) was just one of several caterpillars we discovered and identified at the recent Caterpillar Weekend at Natural Bridge State Resort Park.

The red ‘shoes’ are actually prolegs. Furthermore, I understand this is one of the stinging caterpillars, although I didn’t touch it to find out.

Spotted Apatelodes caterpillarcaterpillarIt was a treat to find and identify ‘cats’ with other enthusiasts. I continue to be impressed by the wide variety of caterpillars naturalists have documented in the park. My thanks to Brian and Drew for making it a fun learning experience.

5 thoughts on “A caterpillar with red shoes?”

  1. Betty, this is such an AMAZING caterpillar! And surely it must change into a beautiful moth or butterfly?
    I love the ‘bright- red shoes’ (prolegs) , and the white fluffy hair. It looks too cute to have a sting, and i am very glad
    you refrained from touching it.
    Looking forward to viewing more wonderful caterpillars!

    1. Pauline, the moth is medium size and brown so not showy in appearance, but rather quirky in its posture and actions and one of my favorites.

  2. It was great to see you too! Great pic Betty. Yes, Brian and Drew did an amazing job guiding us this weekend. I was thrilled to see several caterpillars I had not previously viewed in person. Thankful the weather cooperated. My Mom wanted me to share with you that last evening walk we were happy to find a promethia moth! Back home now we are busy with our Monarch chrysalis watching.

    1. Tracy, what a treat to to find a promethia moth! I’m a bit surprised that they are still around this late in the year. Thanks for sharing.

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