Garden tour of Lexington Monarch Waystations

SATURDAY, JULY 11, 2015 –  10 to 5 – rain or shine
Includes 10 Lexington gardens
Tickets $10 – available at each of the following certified Monarch Waystations

Come and see how these gardeners have incorporated native plants into their landscapes to help Monarchs and other pollinators.

  1. 232 Castlewood Drive (Google map)
  2. Wild Ones’ Pollinator Garden @ Wellington Park (Google map)
  3. 224 Leawood DriveThis is our yard. I hope you’ll stop by to take a look and say hello. (Google map)
  4. St. Michael’s Church, 2025 Bellefonte Drive – please park on Libby Lane (Google map)
  5. 4 Richmond Avenue (Google map)
  6. Cardinal Hill Hospital, 2050 Versailles Road – please enter from Mason Headley Road (Google map)
  7. 124 Idle Hour Drive (Google map)
  8. Klausing Group, 1356 Cahill Drive (Google map)
  9. 571 Mitchell Avenue (Google map)
  10. 1721 Gettysburg Road (Google map)

For tour garden descriptions, visit the Lexington Wild Ones website.

I’d appreciate you sharing this with anyone else who might be interested.


Would you like to raise a Cecropia Moth?

For the 4th year, I have Cecropia moth caterpillars (Hyalolphora cecropia). This is a male and female mating early this month. The male is on the left, with larger antennae (click the photo for a larger image). The female proceeded to lay many eggs, and tiny caterpillars have now emerged.

I plan to raise a few of the caterpillars – the rest are available to anyone who’s interested.

Cecropia moths mating
Male and female Cecropia moths mating. The male is on the left, and has larger antennae. Click the image for a larger version.

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