16 new neighborhood trees!

I’m delighted that we now have 16 new trees (10 different species) in our small neighborhood. These were all bare-root trees ordered and delivered by arborist Stacy Borden (The Tree Man). Bare-root trees generally cost less, are easy to plant, and grow quickly. This was the scene as neighbors gathered and Stacy began his 30-minute planting demonstration.

Digging the hole
Stacy’s demonstration begins with digging the hole

The following photos are a summary of Stacy’s demonstration. Continue reading “16 new neighborhood trees!”

Early blooms and buds

I’m having great fun checking the backyard for spring flowers. The blooms and buds are small and there aren’t many of them. However it’s quite obvious that spring is springing!  Here’s a sampling of what I’ve found so far.

Collage of early spring flowers in our backyard

The buds are beautiful on their own, and I enjoy watching them open into blooms. I’m delighted to watch the ‘plant parade’ once again, and I hope you’re enjoying some signs of spring also.

P.S. I’ve recently created photo galleries of pollinators and moths on my website, and added new images to other galleries. I’d be glad for you to check them out.