A frosty morning

Winter is not my favorite season. I do not like the cold and I’m tempted to enjoy the garden by looking out the window. However, on a recent frosty morning, with camera in hand, I was reminded again of winter beauty that deserves to be seen up close.

For example, this Virginia Sweetspire leaf (Itea virginica) reminds me of a miniature work of art.

itea virginica leaf and frost

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Frost Flowers #2

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This is a follow-up to last week’s post about these amazing ice crystals. We’ve now had six days with low temperatures below freezing, and each morning there have been more frost flowers on the two Dittany plants (Cunila origanoides).

Frost flower 4 on Cunila origanoides

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Frost Flowers

I’ve been fascinated by frost flowers since I was a kid and have seen them in the wild in Missouri and Kentucky. On a couple of recent frosty mornings I was thrilled to find them in our backyard.test

Frost “flowers” are really ice crystals which occur only on certain plants and under special conditions when the air temperature is below freezing and the ground is not frozen.

two frost flowers on Cunila origanoides stems

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