Yes, this is the name of a native Kentucky shrub.  Other names include hearts-a-bursting with love, and strawberry-bush (Euonymus americanus).

hearts-a-burstin, strawberry-bush (euonymus americanus)

Our 4 ft. shrub has proven to be hardy, growing underneath a large pine tree in dry, shady conditions.

It’s quite showy this time of year when the prickly-looking magenta pods break open to display the bright red-orange seeds and is another of my favorite plants.

This week I welcome three new subscribers. It’s encouraging to know others share my interests, and I appreciate your comments and questions.

Buckeye butterfly

buckeye butterfly (Junonia coenia)

What a treat! I am seeing Buckeye butterflies (Junonia coenia) in the backyard for the first time. I think they are quite attractive with their colorful markings and distinctive “eyes”. They, along with several other smaller butterflies, are feeding on Mist Flower, the subject of last week’s post. At times it’s a butterfly frenzy and great fun to watch.