Welcome to my website

Zebra swallowtail butterfly on cardinal flowerThanks for visiting my website, where I share some of my images as well as information about our backyard.

I have a deep interest in nature and wanted to capture what I was seeing. As a result, I became interested in photography. Using a camera has given me an even greater appreciation of nature. It slows me down and encourages me to look closer. As a result, I’m often amazed at the mystery and beauty that is nearby and easily overlooked.

In 2005-06, we re-landscaped our backyard, with a focus on native plants that attract birds and butterflies. My blog focuses on backyard observations and is one way of sharing what I learn. I hope this website will be a resource for others with similar interests.

You can see my images by visiting the photo galleries. All images are copyrighted, however I welcome inquiries about their use for publication or other purposes.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.